We are a group of young dedicated professionals engaged in finding right employees for right employers. Since March 2016, we are in this field and we are continuously improving our services by taking feedback. We currently do placements mainly for Manufacturing companies all over Kerala and Coimbatore area.

Pratheeksha HR Consultancy began its journey in March 2016 with the passion of rebuilding new values for HR Consultancy service. Before entering into HR Consultancy service, we conducted a detailed study about recruitment in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. We were surprised after analyzing the study results.

One of our important finding was that, in many companies, there were many unfilled vacancies. Companies actually require candidates, but due to the lack of getting qualified and experienced candidates, these positions are vacant. If they get qualified candidates with desired experience, they are willing to fill these vacant posts.

We noted down some of the vacant post details and tried to find out candidates with these qualification. Surprisingly, we found lot of qualified candidates for this posts, who are also searching for a job. So we figure out that the current recruitment services are not so efficient. This finding made us think differently to start a HR Consultancy so that this unfilled gap can be filled. We started Pratheeksha HR Consultancy with some values for benefiting both recruiters and candidates.

Due to widespread of COVID-19, our office is temporarily closed. Kindly cooperate with us.